Jesse Becker, CPA, MSA


Jesse, a CPA and MSA graduate from Grand Valley State University, is a seasoned financial advisor at Keystone Financial, experienced in tax planning strategies. His expertise stems from years spent at a few public accounting firms in Michigan, where he honed his skills in helping guide clients through complex financial matters.

Raised in Eau Claire within a bustling household, Jesse cherishes the values of strong familial connections and resilience. These values resonate in his approach to financial advising, where he emphasizes personalized strategies that align with each client’s aspirations.

At Keystone Financial, Jesse crafts tailored tax and financial strategies, leveraging his deep understanding of tax and financial principles to help empower clients in pursuing their financial goals. Beyond his professional commitments, Jesse and his wife, Hannah, find joy in outdoor activities.

Their engagement extends to their community at The Bridge Church in Eau Claire. Jesse’s commitment to providing personalized financial guidance and his dedication to community values make him a trusted advisor in the Chippewa Valley’s financial landscape.

Tax planning services are offered through the tax firm Keystone Tax LLC. Keystone Financial is an Investment Advisory practice that offers products and services through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM), a Registered Investment Advisor. AEWM does not offer tax planning services. The tax planning services offered by Keystone Tax LLC are not subject to investment Advisor requirements. Tax planning services referenced are an outside business activity not offered through or supervised by AEWM. Keystone Financial, AEWM, and Keystone Tax LLC are all separate and not affiliated entities.

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