Take this quiz to determine your need for holistic retirement planning

Count how many “yes”s you can answer to these questions:

  • Have you lost money in the stock market or on mutual funds over the past five years?
  • Are you concerned about the amount of risk you are currently taking with your retirement assets?
  • Do you pay taxes on your current Social Security income?
  • Do you rely on Social Security benefits for most of your income?
  • Are you concerned about your family’s financial well-being in the future?
  • If you died tomorrow, would your spouse lose more than 20 percent of the current household income?
  • Are you concerned about the costs associated with long-term care and the financial impact it may have on your retirement assets?
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  • Have you gifted ANY amount to your children, your church, or a charity in the past five years?
  • Do you own a variable annuity?
  • Do you currently use your variable annuity as a source of income?
  • Are you concerned that you will someday outlive the money you have saved for retirement?
  • Did you retire early, or were you laid off before you were ready to retire?
  • Has it been more than 90 days since you last met your financial professional in person?

Select your range of “yes”s

Things to Consider:

Ask yourself the following questions. If your answer seems peculiar or out of place, you may want to learn more about the various aspects of a holistic retirement plan at KeyStone Financial.

  1. Has your financial  professional ever fully disclosed  all of the fees you are paying for your investments and his/her advice? If so, were you surprised  at what he/she said?
  2. When you sat down with your financial advisor at your last meeting and went over  your investment and income strategy to make sure everything was still on track, were you satisfied with your situation
  3. Have you ever experienced a level of decline in the value of your retirement savings that is unacceptable to you? If so, what did your financial professional do to help protect your assets from future potential market losses?

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