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Financial Planning for the Days Ahead in Retirement


Our team of financial advisors create personalized written retirement plans using a variety of investment and insurance products. At KeyStone Financial, we help seniors in the Eau Claire area confidently approach their financial needs and concerns.



Wealth Management

Retirement Income Strategies

IRA/401(K) Rollovers

Fixed Deferred Equity Indexed Annuity


Life Insurance

Medicare Planning

Tax-Efficient Strategies

Asset Protection Strategies

Long-Term Care Strategies


IRA Legacy Planning


Our goal is to serve our clients well throughout the retirement planning process— and not just with the financial aspect. However, we certainly do that to the best of our ability; financial advising requires a high level of trust, and we do not take that lightly.

As an independent financial firm located in Eau Claire, we are not locked into one company’s products and services— unlike the major national financial firms. We have a wonderful relationship with all of our partners that help us deliver a wider range of products and services to our clients.

Since we have both investment and insurance licenses and have no broker dealer, we are able to focus on holistic retirement planning. This means that we are able to offer retirement plans that are rarely available in Eau Claire and the surrounding West Central Wisconsin area.


As we advise and serve our clients, it is our hope that we are able to develop lifelong relationships that are rooted in trust.

Your financial needs and concerns are not black and white, so you deserve to have them addressed in a unique way. That’s why at KeyStone Financial, our focus is you.

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Your personalized written retirement plan:

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