What does your written retirement plan include? Does it cover:

Lifetime Income – A contract that allows you to save a portion of your retirement savings into a predictable lifetime income stream.

Health Care – How you will pay for your trips to the doctor’s office, prescriptions, unexpected hospital stays and diagnoses. In addition, a plan for the long-term care you may need later in life.

Tax Strategies – A plan for reducing the amount owed by strategically taking advantage of deductions, exemptions, and tax credits.

Investment Market Risk – A plan for potential volatility in an uncertain market. Focuses on opportunities for growth and considers what level of risk tolerance is appropriate for your financial strategy. 

Legacy – A financial strategy that helps prepare how and where your wealth will be upon your passing.

What about your goals, benchmarks, and your measured success; are these being addressed?

At KeyStone Financial, we call that plan your Retirement Roadmap— your very own personalized path to retirement success that is charted in real time.

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