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Simplify Your Financial Life in Three Steps

Finances don’t need to be complicated to work. In fact, simplifying your finances can help improve the chances of reaching your goals. This show provides three steps that will start the process of simplifying your finances. Three steps toward better utilizing your resources and protecting what matters to you the most. Three steps toward securing… Read More

Key Components to Wealth Management in Retirement

You’ve likely heard of the concept “wealth management” before. Just stringing together a definition when thinking about those two words is simple… if you have wealth, you are managing that wealth. And to manage that wealth, it involves making decisions on where it goes, how it’s invested, and how it should change over time. More… Read More

Strategies For Investing In The Stock Market

The best thing about investing strategies is that they’re flexible. If you choose one and it doesn’t suit your risk tolerance or schedule, you can certainly make changes. But be forewarned: doing so can be expensive. Every purchase carries a fee. More importantly, selling assets can create a realized capital gain. These gains are taxable and therefore,… Read More

Four Retirement Unknowns and Ways to Address Them

Retirement inevitably will deliver surprises — unknowns, things a person couldn’t have foreseen. The hope is that the pleasant surprises far outweigh the unpleasant ones. When it comes to retirement unknowns, people can do more than hope, they can take action in advance to help address some of retirement’s biggest unknowns. This show provides listeners… Read More

The SECURE Act: What You Need to Know

The SECURE Act was signed into law by President Trump in December 2019. The legislation, backed with bipartisan support, changes retirement rules for many Americans, some good and some not so good. But knowledge is the key to understanding it. So, we’ll discuss what changes retirees or pre-retirees need to know to help them make… Read More

New Year Resolutions That Can Benefit Your Retirement

Change can be hard. We all know that. And maybe that’s why we keep making New Year’s resolutions each year, even though many are forgotten before the spring thaw. But what if we made change easier? Well, that’s our goal for today as we go through resolutions that can benefit you in the new year.… Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Retirement Planning

Retirement is one of the most important life stages a person will go through, and with people living longer, the need to properly plan for retirement is critical. This can be a daunting undertaking. In this show, we’ll look at some key points that can help get you on the right track to planning a… Read More

A Wake-Up Call for Women

Women are often the most vulnerable when it comes to shortcomings in retirement. They tend to live longer than men, they’re more often the caregivers in a family and they tend to suffer from more financial hardships than men do. Women should be well prepared for these unexpected “wake-up calls” so that it doesn’t happen… Read More

Retirement Construction Zone

It happens every year – orange cones and construction zones blocking your way, forcing you to change your route, and making you want to pull your hair out. How long will these projects last and why can’t they plan better? You don’t want that same confusion and chaos for your retirement. Today’s show outlines signs… Read More

When Retirement Comes Sooner Than Expected

Preparing for retirement is discussed so often, that sometimes we can neglect the instances where retirement is suddenly thrust on someone because of unforeseen complications, like a health-related problem. This show dives into that scenario and what can be done to help ensure a comfortable retirement for the retiree. It also discusses the inverse of… Read More