The Purpose Driven Retirement: Four Retirement Unknowns and Ways to Address Them

Retirement inevitably will deliver surprises — unknowns, things a person couldn’t have foreseen. The hope is that the pleasant surprises far outweigh the unpleasant ones. When it comes to retirement unknowns, people can do more than hope, they can take action in advance to help address some of retirement’s biggest unknowns. This show provides listeners… Read More

The Purpose Driven Retirement: Why You Need a True Financial Ally for Retirement — and How to Find One

Though we live in a world of do-it-yourselfers, online instruction videos and chat rooms, nothing quite takes the place of face-to-face instruction. Many people work harder and stick to a plan better when someone is physically by their side to guide them. The physical trainer pushes us to complete those one or two more repetitions… Read More

The Purpose Driven Retirement: The SECURE Act: What You Need to Know

The SECURE Act was signed into law by President Trump in December 2019. The legislation, backed with bipartisan support, changes retirement rules for many Americans, some good and some not so good. But knowledge is the key to understanding it. So, we’ll discuss what changes retirees or pre-retirees need to know to help them make… Read More