Times of Crisis: How to Lead with a Steady Hand in Retirement (Featuring special guest from John Hopkins)

We all experience times of crisis throughout our lives. And in these moments, you’re distressed, and it can affect you both physically and mentally – which can lead to some dubious decisions made on your part. But in retirement, you can’t afford to be making errant or erratic decisions. You need to lead with a cool head and a steady hand for the next decisions you have to make. This show will discuss what to do and how to proceed when these times of crises hit you – to help you avoid making decisions that can hurt you in the long run in retirement.

We also have the pleasure of having Dr. Alicia Arbaje of John Hopkins join us for this episode of The Purpose Driven Retirement Show! She is the Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins with an Expertise in Geriatric Medicine, and she joined us to discuss COVID-19 and what it means for those around the retirement age.

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