Key Components to Wealth Management in Retirement

The Purpose Driven Retirement Radio Show

You’ve likely heard of the concept “wealth management” before. Just stringing together a definition when thinking about those two words is simple… if you have wealth, you are managing that wealth. And to manage that wealth, it involves making decisions on where it goes, how it’s invested, and how it should change over time. More specifically, wealth management is the practice of investing some portion of your retirement dollars into equity and/or bond markets, or generally, things that carry investment risk. You can generally classify all investments into one of two categories, either a conservative place or a risk-based place. And the majority of things you can put your money into today are “risk-based.” So, if you are lucky enough to have some wealth that you’ve accumulated over the years, it’s time to understand some key components to creating a “wealth management” strategy that you can feel comfortable with throughout retirement! We’ll go over key components to wealth management on today’s show!

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